1 Infinite Loop

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Random

Today was a special day. I fulfilled a life long ambition to visit 1 Infinite Loop. A quick trip to the Company Store, a few photos and I was off, tote bag in tow full of t-shirts and Apple ‘stuff’. Little did I know what was really going on behind those glass doors.

Shortly after I left the flags had been lowered to half mast.

As I sat on the CalTrain back to San Francisco a student was commenting to a friend on a text she had just received. Steve Jobs had died. No, it’s just my friend spamming me, she suggested. Her friend quickly Facebooked and found out it was true.

One person does not make the team, however it takes someone different to lead in the way he did. Someone I know once quipped at a farwell speech that the person they we farewelling could ‘see around corners’ and knew what was coming. Steve seemed to have that quality multiplied by a million.

RIP Steve, you certainly changed my life for the better.

  1. Peter Dingli says:

    hey Mark Glad you finally made it .I hope if was not marred by the death of Steve Jobs …Well done mate

  2. You picked a momentous time to visit Apple Mark. Steve Jobs certainly changed our lives! Hope you’re having a great trip.

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