So you don’t have iPads?

Posted: May 3, 2012 in eLearning, Tech, Thought provoking

Image by Sean MacEntee – Used under Creative Commons Licence.

I’ve been asked a bit recently – ‘So how many iPads do you have at your school?’ or ‘Are you going with iPads?’ Some people look in amazement when the answer is ‘3’ or ‘No’. Even Apple seem to be pushing the point with us. Maybe there is more profit margin in an iPad than a MacBook, maybe I’m a cynic.

The intimation seems to be if your not going iPad your being left behind. Maybe we are, but I’m not so sure. Apple are great at marketing, I’m certainly guilty of lining up for the first iPhone at 6am out the front of the Optus shop, but are we getting caught in the hype?

Before we go too far, the iPad is an excellent device. Apps allow Teachers to integrate technology in a natural way and the learning which can happen is truly rich. Yes, the iPad has a genuine place in education and schools could do much worse. One day all the students at my school may have one. Who knows.

BUT! My point is, as a school with MacBooks we also create rich learning experiences for our students. I’m sure schools with Windows NetBooks or Android Tablets do the same. The iPad is NOT the magic solution as some clever marketers may want us to believe. Teachers who can integrate, see opportunities and make the most of the technology are. Let’s not forget that. People, not the device, are the difference.


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