Creative or wrong?

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Thought provoking

Do we kill creativity in search of the correct answer? Can you still be right but have a little creativity thrown in to mix things up? This has been the subject of many blog posts, articles and videos, notably @SirKenRobinson ‘s TED Talk from 2006.

Recently  my daughter was asked at Kinder to stick the numbers 1 through 5 on a piece of paper then stick 1 yellow dot on the 1, 2 yellow dots on the two, etc. This is what she created

I asked her why did you put yellow dots everywhere. “Why not, it looks pretty and I really like it.” I was told. “What happened to the 1 and 5?” “They are laying down because they are at the ends and nobody is holding them up”. Ok. So it’s not 100% correct but the right number of dots are on the numbers and they are in order (albeit reverse).

Fast forward a couple of days and she brings home this

Order still wrong but where is the creative dots, the imagination to think that the end ones can’t stand up. Yes it is important to understand the correct way numbers look and associate the number with a value but she was nowhere near as proud of this one and didn’t really want to talk about it. Now I’m not blaming the Kinder or the teacher for anything, they had a task which had to be completed in a certain way. In fact my reaction was to ask why all the extra dots were there and what is happening with the 1 and 5.

How often do we strive for the right answer and not allow a little creativity to sneak in?



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